My name is Stephen Berry, I am a 56 year old white male living in beautiful New Hampshire. I have three great children, an ex-wife, and a wonderful girlfriend. I have a wide variety of interests that I hope to write about so that you, the reader, can benefit from the things that I have done and experienced. Perhaps I will inspire you to try something new!

Some of my interests past and present:

  • IDPA/USPSA competition shooting
  • Electronics
  • Business ideas
  • Travel
  • Self improvement
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin etc.)
  • Golf (when there is time!)
  • Autocross and Porche club racing

I am an electrical engineer with a BSEE from Northeastern University class of 1984. I am also a current MBA student at the D’amore Mckim school of business (again Northeastern University). I will be graduating in 2018, with a dual major in High Technology management and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

If you really enjoy reading my blog, feel free to send me some love via the cryptocurrencies addresses here:

Bitcoin: 3JkLq6tqoNfF6VBLc3TxriEp8rRzLSUdSi

Ethereum: 0x47555347d35E4aB0F838411547e84B80e0cB6E1b

Litecoin: LW1DdhbS7kY68sMHKE5u1tXXs2dZoyTnCM

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